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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season to Be Blessed

Hello friends! I noticed that my last post here was October 30, 2010. Today's date is December 10, 2010. But I've been so so busy and I'm about to tell you all about it--I hope you can forgive me!

November 1, 2010, my boss and his wife gave birth to their second child (a boy, healthy and adorable!) and I became an Auntie (again!) It's a wonderful feeling! Then I was blessed with the opportunity to come to Florida and be able to see this little sweet Prince. And that's where I've been for over the last month.

Since my main job necessities are: computer, internet, fax machine, phone...I can virtually work from anywhere (in essence). So I've been able to stay in Florida and become what Katie (the lovely new mama) and I have termed "fransistant."

It's a combination of three jobs: friend + nanny + assistant. Each are very important! I've been friends with Katie and the bossman (Jordan) for over 5 years now. I met them in college and we've all been happily friended ever since! Although if I must say, they are more like family to me than friends. Being a nanny has been a whole new experience for me--I grew up as the youngest of two children, and don't remember much from my little Mel days. Jordan and Katie were the first of my friends to have children, and when their first was born I wasn't able to be around all the time because I lived in a different area.

So being able to be with the little guy all the time has been great! Babies are so much fun and he's really doing all the cute stuff like cooing and looking up at me when I talk...and it's also good practice for my future, too, when I one day aspire to be a mommy myself!

And then, the assistant part--I'm still doing some work for the company as well. :)

This year has been a true blessing for me--I went from a bunch of question marks in my life to really appreciating what I do have. I'm happy, healthy, and am surrounded by people who love me and inspire me.

Really, who could ask for anything more?

I hope this holiday season finds you surrounded by loved ones and with warm hearts. I will try to post again soon but if not, have a Happy New Year and I'll see you in 2011!

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