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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I made it all by Mel-self!

For those of you who know me in real life, you know I'm hugely independent. And stubborn, but that's for another posting.

When there's a problem, my mind takes on this mental math equation:

Problem + creative thinking + challenge = Solution

So, the problem i kept facing was my office desk chair. The shocks were going out of the cylinder, so I'd be sitting there and randomly the chair would slowly drop to the floor. While highly comical, it can get super annoying. And I finally got tired of it.

Problem: slightly cool yet uncool gravity-defying chair.

And I had this awesome lightbulb idea.

Creative thinking: I can build a chair!

And then came the fun part--the challenge. And boy do I enjoy a challenge! I visited my local Target store and purchased the chair (bonus: it was on sale for $17!)

And then I came home and the fun got started.

Here's a photo journey of the awesome Sunday afternoon Solution:

1) The chair in the challenge corner!!

2) In the second corner, the reigning champ!

3) The kit, all spread out for the big game!

4) The finished product by the reigning champ! Tada!

5) Me in my victorious pose!

The feeling of accomplishment is so awesome! Happy to report its taken it's new spot at my desk and so far has been great!

One more for the independent woman!