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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Really....Where in the world am I?!

I bet by now you've been dutifully checking this blog (at least that's what I hope) but you've been saddened to not find an update since Aug. 28th. Yeah, I could give you a ton of apologies and excuses, but would you really read that? No! (sorry, I answered for you)

Because you'd rather know where I am, right? Am I right? YES! (again, I'm very demanding on this blog)

Well, I have moved out of Albany, NY, and am now living in *drumroll please*....

CHARLOTTE, NC! A super beautiful and friendly place to live.

I'll give you an abbreviated timeline of the last month or so of my life.

September 1-15, I worked worked worked.

September 15-25ish, I had a small vacation in Florida, in which I packed up some stuff to bring to NC, and also got to spend time with family and friends :)

September 26-present day, I am busy getting settled in my new place, and also getting back to the working grind!

So, forgive me yet? I sure hope you do, because this blog would be pointless if you gave up on me now! I promise I'll try to be a better blogger for you!

And now that all that is out of the way, can I tell you how awesome North Carolina is? The sweet tea flows here like water (cool points for Charlotte) and there is tons of barbeque!

Keep your eyes peeled for Charlotte 101's in upcoming posts. That way if you're ever in the area you know what to eat and where to go!

Here's your first tip to navigating around Charlotte: Get a GPS. And then make sure you understand the difference between the Inner and Outer loops of the 485. Because Charlotte's a big old city, and you'll get lost and be way out of the way if you get on the wrong one!

Also, it;s okay to nod, smile, and wave at people! They love it here. So don't hesitate to brighten someones day (and yours) by being friendly.

Okay, I know you're anxiously awaiting the pictures I have for you. Here are a few snapshots from my new living quarters. We've got some serious decorating to do, so some rooms I have no included because they are simply empty and white walled with white floor. So I've taken it upon myself to pick out the best rooms to display here for you!

Ready for the tour? Here we go!

The walk-up to the house! So cute, right?

The view when you walk in the house. Straight through to the dining room/kitchen/temporary office

Right now our temporary office. Work in Progress, People!

A kinda stinky view of the kitchen. It's so bright in there with that window! But it's huge and lots of room for me to make yummy food!

The downstairs to the living room, which right now, is nothing much to look at

The living room has a faux fireplace! Well, I think it's fake. If not, I sure have no idea how to use it!

Then we travel upstairs, where the most exciting part of the tour takes place!

My bathroom, my very own bathroom that I don't have to share!

My closet--that I have been neatly organizing, because sometimes my OCD gets the best of me :)

My comfy, big girl bed :)

So the layout of the house goes as such:
-You walk in on the second floor.
-Basement downstairs has the living room and Roommate #1's bedroom.
-Second floor (main) has office, kitchen, dining room, and half bath.
-Third floor has my room, Roommate #2's bedroom, and each our own bathrooms.

:) It's lovely. And beautiful. I can't wait to get to decorating!

Until we meet again,
Have a good day y'all!



  1. I love it, I miss you, I want to visit :)

  2. Omg, you have SO much space. That place looks awesome!

    And I see nail polish! I also love your little rack you have for your toiletries. It's an awesome idea! I'm going to go try and find something like that for my washroom. It's a mess in there.