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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Albany 101: Lesson Four: Country Roads & Packing Up

Hello friends and readers! *waves*

It's been about a century since I've posted last, and I know that you are all chomping at the bit to know what's been going on, right? Well, we've been busy as ever in the company, which is a GREAT thing, because busy means we're in good shape, and being in good shape means I get to keep my job :)
A few weekends ago the weather started to cool off a bit in preparation for fall, and so the temperature has dropped slightly. Currently, today, at 3pm EST, the weather is 80 Degrees Farenheit, with winds at 9mph. That means it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Seriously, I would love to sit outside on a blanket and just enjoy this cooled off day--well, by cooled off, I mean, cooler than Florida, which I am sure is a sweltering temperature with high humidity. I don't miss it. I miss you all, but not the poofy hair and sweating in the car. I'd take NY hands down. At least on days like these. Maybe not in the dead of winter. Then, Florida might sound tempting, hehe.

Well, anway, since the weather's been so nice, I've taken to driving with the windows down and some soothing music on my radio (well, at least the most soothing I can find--I don't have a CD player in my truck, just a radio, so that's been interesting). I think it was two weekends ago that I was wondering, "what happens when you turn right out of our apartment complex?" because usually my GPS Wendy tells me to always take a left.

So I decided to be spontaneous and take a right. Boy was I ever glad I did that. It was GORGEOUS country roads and rolling hills. I felt so calm and relaxed and just in awe of everything. And, I'll go ahead and admit right now that this was not my best idea, but I took some pictures while I was driving. I don't recommend this at all. It's kinda dangerous. But since I was the only one on this road, I promise I drove real slow and carefully. That being said, please enjoy my art gallery of "Turning Right on New Scotland Road."

This is in front of a subdivision, so pretty.
just so you know, I wasn't going 45mph. It was more like 25-30. I was being safe :) And LOOK! A legitimate rolling hill!
The grass was SO rich and green. And the sky.....ugh so perfect.

This is a corn field! There was a huge corn farm! It was really cool!

Lots of trees give this a very "down home" feel, and the people at their houses even waved at me. I'm sure they thought I was crazy but who really cares?

Beautiful, huh? The sky was SO blue that day, and seriously, and I know this sounds lame, but I wanted to cry it was so beautiful. You just don't get scenery like that in Florida.

And since this is such a picture-filled posts, I wanted to educate you all on a little town that I frequent called Delmar. It's a tiny little town down the street from Slingerlands, and it has some restaurants, shops, and other little stores. But the best part is the antique feel this town has. It reminds me a lot of DeLand and of course I took some photos for you.

There she is, Slingerlands! Not far from Albany at all!

Ok this is really cool. This lady took a double-decker bus and turned it into a mobile cupcake store! I haven't been inside it yet, but from the looks of it, it's right up my alley!

Ah the little town of Delmar. So quaint. And on the left, I<3 NY Pizza? Yeah that place is so good. And it's true, I really do love New York Pizza.

Another look at the little town, more from the inside of my truck. It's just SO darn cute!
So, that's it for the photo updates, but I wanted to share all of the beauty with you so you can see why I don't mind it here too much :)

In other news, my time in NY is drawing to a close, and we are transitioning to a new area for work. That's right, it's time for me to fill those suitcases back up and move! Albany, you've been great, but now it's time to head to Charlotte, North Carolina! We are planning on being there in mid-September, so watch for Lessons on Charlotte 101. I'm really excited about this move--the Southern girl in me is craving more sweet tea and a potentially warmer winter. And not to mention, they have Sonny's BBQ in Charlotte *trust me, I already Googled that!*

Of course, this poses a new problem. I've already outgrown my suitcases! Having two weeks' worth of clothes was not at all what it was cracked up to be. And since we live literally 5 minutes away from the mall, AND they have a Gap (my weakness store), plus a JC Penney (my second fave) I have stocked up on the staples: jeans, tops, jacket, sweatshirt, skirts. Needless to say, I doubt I can live out of the two suitcases I previously started out with. But that should be alright--once we get to Charlotte, I am going to have a closet :) This makes me happy!

I hope to post again soon. Thanks to those of you who leave comments--I like seeing your thoughts on the postings! And to those of you who just read, thank you too! It means alot to me that you take time to check in on my life.

I'm so blessed to have you all in my life and I cannot say it enough. Thanks for the encouragements, prayers, and awesome care packages.

Care packages, I say? Why yes I did! Kendall and Hadley were so kind to send me a box filled with love! And by filled with love, I mean candy, Cheezits, Nail Polish, and some toys, like a miniature bowling set! I love you gals! Thank you!

Alright, I've rambled your ear off enough. Until we meet again!



  1. The Bettie's Cupcake bus is AMAZING. You must experience it before leaving NY.

  2. Dude, that's so awesome. And it looks amazing out there. Much like southern alberta, actually. Lol.

  3. OMG You're going to Charlotte?! I LOVE CHARLOTTE!

  4. What are the tall green things called? Oh yeah right, trees! Those a novelty in Texas. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

  5. Looks quite a bit like Maine! I think if you enjoyed those "rolling green hills" you'd also enjoy a quick trip up my way ;)

  6. P.S. you can bring Miles with you...