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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Albany 101: Lesson One: History

Hi friends, its the new New Yorker here! Just settling in to bed but wanted to stop in and share some photos with you to give you a feel of what's going on here on my end! Today was a busy day--we went on a few site visits, went to the store (because I didn't have alot of stuff that I need!) and did some more work. But in the middle of all that I got to take a few photos of the place we're living at.

Now, this place is called Toll Gate Apartments. However it's not a complex. So go ahead and get that thought out of your beautiful minds! But I will tell you some super cool history/info. Here's the lesson for today:

I don't live in Albany. Rather, I live in the town of Bethlehem (and yes it is a little town, just like the song said), which is in the city of Slingerlands, which is right outside of Albany. Ya catch my drift?

Anyway, this little Bethlehem town has a section called Toll Gates. This used to be a boomin town in the mid 1850s, when they built this plank road that connected good ol Albany to Gallupville. But because the government invested so much money in the planks, they had to recoup their losses. So...they charged a toll. (this may or may not be one of the first toll roads, I dont know). Toll Gate area gets its name because right around where I live, there used to be a Toll Gate (aka a toll plaza) where people would be charged depending on their mode of transportation. Here's a pic of the original toll gate (it was demolished in 1908):
She's a beaut, ain't she? Anyway, on with the history lesson. The original post office, called Normanskill, was built in 1852, and was run by a man named...can you guess it?

William H. Slingerland!

Well, in 1863, they built the Albany and Susquehannah Railroad through the Slingerlands, and since they gave the Railroad such a great price, they named the station after them (and in 1870 the post office took the name, too).

New Scotland Road is the main road that runs through the Slingerlands, and that is the road that I live on!

And an even more fun fact than that: the old train station office buildings? Have been converted into apartments...and guess what those are? Toll Gate Apartments...WHERE I LIVE! Isn't that cool? There are tracks behind the house and everything (sorry I don't have pictures of those to share yet)!
So today's pictures are some of the place just so you can get a feel of what life is like here!

This is the font of the Toll Gate Apartments. It's very rustic looking on the outside but don't fret, it's very modern/vintage on the inside!

Look, trees! These are in our "back yard" aka the forest.
I took a few other photos but they came out blurry. Will post more as soon as I can!
So far New York has been kind to me--except for the mild sinus irritation. We should be transitioning into our big kid apartment soon, and I can't wait!
Will keep you posted. As for now, it's off to dreamland for me! The morning comes early and we're gonna be workin' hard!
hasta la vista!


  1. I like the big tall green things.

  2. i love the little history lesson, mels! and i love that you've already learned all of this info, too. not that i expected anything less, of course. :)

    keep the pics comin' - your apartment building looks adorable!